Manila Campus
1st Floor                                             
Local No. Office / Department Name
8101 Office of President  
8102 Office of the Vice President Dr. Sining M. Kotah
8103 Marketing Office  
8104 Accounting Office (Ground Flr.) Ms. A. Uy /Ms. Z. Gan
8105 Office of Student Affairs (OSA) Mrs. W. Marcos
8106 Chinese Department Mrs. V. Ng
8107 Records Department Mrs. A. Bambilla
8108 Discipline Office Mrs. G. Sanchez
8109 Clinic Mrs. M. Aquino
8110 Alumni Association Mr. F. Choa
8111 Maintenance Mr. J. Chua
8112 Information Technology Center (ITC) Mr. J. Chan
8113 Day Care / Kinder Dept Ms. L. Tong
8114 Secretary of the President Ms. M. Ang
8115 Secretary of the Vice President Mr. JC Mallari
8116 Guard  
8118 Canteen  
2nd Floor                                             
Local No. Office / Department Name
8201 Conference Room  
8202 High School Library/Internet Lab Mr. R. Santos
8203 Accounting Office (New Bldg.) Ms. C. Chua
8204 Accounting Office (New Bldg.) Ms. G. Ching / Ms. N. Lao / Mrs. M. Ho
3rd Floor                                             
Local No. Office / Department Name
8301 Chinese Faculty Room (Elem.) Ms. Z. Ying
4th Floor                                             
Local No. Office / Department Name
8403 English Supervisor/English Dept . Mrs. C. Simon/Ms. R. Divina
8404 Science / Math Dept. Mrs. R. Gaad /Mr. A. Dacula
8402 English Faculty Room Ms. Joy
8401 Chinese Faculty Room (H.S.)
5th Floor                                             
Local No. Office / Department Name
8501 Auditorium  
6th Floor                                             
Local No. Office / Department Name
8601 SDO/P.E. Department Mr. H. Chua

Caloocan Campus
Local No. Office / Department
11 Maintenance Office
12 English Supervisor
13 Information Technology Center (ITC)
14 Chinese Supervisor (Registrar)
15 Information
16 Clinic
17 Discipline Office
18 Office of Student Affairs (OSA)
19 Chinese Faculty (2nd Floor)
20 Chinese Faculty (3rd Floor)
21 Canteen
22 English Faculty (2nd Floor)
23 Records Department
24 English Faculty (3rd Floor)
26 Kindergarten Office
27 Vice President's Office
28 Science Conference Room
29 Guard House
30 President's Office
31 Chinese Supervisor (Curriculum)
32 Sports Development Office (SDO)
33 Accounting / Cashier
34 Science Laboratory
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