(Our School Objectives)

The College Objectives

In the light of the school’s philosophy of education, vision and mission, the College Department endeavors to help students to:

  1. Attain excellence in learning through quality program and value integration in every academic discipline;
  2. Equip students with knowledge and skills in modern technology;
  3. Instill quality research projects;
  4. Develop responsible and productive member of the family, school, and society;
  5. Build proactive and innovative leaders;
  6. Provide multi-cultural learning environment through dynamic interaction among members of the academic community;
  7. Promote progressive innovation and change for individual advancement, national development and global competitiveness;
  8. Establish linkages and network among local and international institutions/organizations in the academe and industry;
  9. Adapt dual-learning system through practicum internship and alliance;
  10. Inculcate core values such as diligence, honesty, integrity, respect, courage, compassion and equality.

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