(Our Educational Philosophy)

The educational philosophy of PCHS is the product of the school’s long history as the first and the oldest Chinese-Filipino secondary school in the country today. It is inspired by several intertwining factors: the unique heritage of the Chinese-Filipinos, their inherent oriental worldview, and the influence of many people—the alumni, administrators, teachers, service personnel, parents and students—who have had dedicated their loyalty to the school.

The educational philosophy of PCHS professes that:

Man is an incessant learner. He is in constant pursuit of learning and self-improvement. He by nature thirsts for knowledge and information. He thinks, reasons, questions and seeks to know the truth. Education is thus man’s lifelong pursuit.

Education is universal. It does not discriminate nor distinguish the learners from one and the other. Hence, equal educational opportunity should be provided to everyone regardless of wealth, race, status or sex. Every learner who seeks education at Philippine Cultural High School is thus accorded with an equal opportunity to excel to the limits of his/her potential and ability.

The aim of education is to develop man so as to enable him to become useful citizen who will contribute to the building of just and humane society. Education develops the learner’s potential and ability. More importantly, however, education cultivates the learner’s physical, emotional, social, intellectual and moral aspects to the fullest so that he/she will become useful and productive civic-conscious citizen who embodies a deep sense of love and concern for the welfare of society.

Education trains man to see himself as an entity who shares an essential continuity with the experiences of other men throughout history. Education enriches man’s sense of the past. It gives him firm foundation from where he can ground his cultural roots and establish a confident sense of identity.

Education teaches man to become self-reliant. Education is a practical preparation for life. As the Chinese proverb puts it: “If you give a man a fish, you’ll feed him for a day; but if you teach him how to fish, you’ll feed him for his entire life.” Education thus prepares man how to live life productively and meaningfully. Education enables him to live and cope with the changes and challenges of the rapidly changing times.

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