(Our School Objectives)

The Kindergarten Objectives

PCC Kinder Department aims for the total development of pre-school children into productive, independent and confident learners aware of their cultural heritage. It aims to develop love for learning by providing children with a child-centered environment that promotes exploration and creativity.

The Grade School Objectives

In the light of the school’s philosophy of education, vision and mission, the Grade School Department endeavors to help pupils to:

  1. Acquire basic knowledge and develop fundamental skills, values and attitudes in preparation for their secondary education;
  2. Cultivate correct values and put into practice desirable social attitudes;
  3. Communicate effectively and proficiently in oral and written Filipino, English and Chinese;
  4. Develop their critical thinking and creativity skills;
  5. Appreciate their Chinese-Filipino heritage and use it for their total development as individuals;
  6. Imbue the love of country and concern for their fellow countrymen;
  7. Gain awareness of social and environmental concerns in the local, national and global contexts.

The High School Objectives

In the light of the school’s philosophy of education, vision and mission, the High School Department endeavors to help students to:

  1. Develop communication skills and critical thinking in preparation for their tertiary education;
  2. Promote their physical and mental health in preparation for coping with real life situations;
  3. Acquire vocational knowledge and skills in preparation for gainful employment and for making intelligent career choice in the future;
  4. Appreciate and cherish their culture, customs and traditions as both Chinese and Filipinos;
  5. Strengthen their heritage as Chinese-Filipinos and deepen their concern and involvement in promoting the growth, development and welfare of the nation;
  6. Develop the ideals of democracy, equality, self-reliance, self-discipline, civic consciousness as well as other values that will promote a healthy, enlightened and morally upright citizenry for national development and progress.

The College Objectives

In the light of the school’s philosophy of education, vision and mission, the College Department endeavors to help students to:

  1. Attain excellence in learning through quality program and value integration in every academic discipline;
  2. Equip students with knowledge and skills in modern technology;
  3. Instill quality research projects;
  4. Develop responsible and productive member of the family, school, and society;
  5. Build proactive and innovative leaders;
  6. Provide multi-cultural learning environment through dynamic interaction among members of the academic community;
  7. Promote progressive innovation and change for individual advancement, national development and global competitiveness;
  8. Establish linkages and network among local and international institutions/organizations in the academe and industry;
  9. Adapt dual-learning system through practicum internship and alliance;
  10. Inculcate core values such as diligence, honesty, integrity, respect, courage, compassion and equality.

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